For most Americans, beef is what eating meat is all about, yet very few ever experience the old fashioned taste that made beef a classic. With Old Stone Farm all-natural beef, you can. From Angus based breeds grown on pasture and finished on all-vegetarian feed, the taste is what beef should be. The quality of Old Stone beef, raised traditionally, humanely and sustainably with no hormones or antibiotics on family-owned ranches, ensures that the star of your next meal will be on the center of the plate.


Steaks are considered the second most popular cut of beef behind the elegant filet mignon. In the case of Old Stone steaks you get the added benefit of no hormones and no antibiotics.

Tenderloin Filets

$ 24.00

Rib Eye Steaks




Our beef roasts are big in flavor and dramatic in presentation. From intimate dinner parties to large gatherings, treat your family and guests to the best all natural beef available.

Chuck Roasts




Looking for lean grass-fed burger with great flavor? Perhaps something in this section could be of interest! 75% lean grass-fed burger patties are an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and cancer-fighting CLA. They are also a very easy meal to make!

Ground Beef


Ground Beef Patties


Ground Round


Ground Sirloin




Enjoy the great flavor of grass-fed stew beef in your favorite stews or soups. This versatile product is essential to keep on hand for last-minute dinner gatherings!

Stew Meat


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